Singleton Pattern : Load Balancer Demonstration

Singleton Pattern : This is a pattern which is widely used when there is a situation to create only one instance of a class.

Lets demonstrate the pattern using a simple example.
Earlier i used to wonder how load balancer servers work. So, i decided to write an application to demonstrate both the things in one go.


Structural Pattern - Adapter Pattern - Object Adapter Pattern

I am a big time fan of Animation movies and cartoons.
I love cartoons like Calvin & Hobbes, Tom & Jerry; Animations like Shrek, Kung Fu Panda (Poo).
So, lets see how these characters will teach us Adapter pattern. :)


Behavioral Pattern - Chain of Responsibilities Using Extensibility Framework

"Change is good and Inevitable", this is what i said in my earlier post.
But not all changes are good. That is why we have Change management system in place in IT.
Because some changes will be like this :


Productivity Improvements for the Entity Framework


The improvements provide a cleaner and simpler API surface that focuses your attention on the most common scenarios but still allows you to drill down to more advanced functionality when it’s needed. We hope you will enjoy this simpler experience, but we should be quick to assure you that this is NOT a new data access technology. These improvements are built on the same technology for mapping, LINQ, providers and every other part of the Entity Framework. Think of this as a fast path to writing data access code using conventions over configuration, better tuned APIs and other techniques intended to reduce development time when using the EF.


Persistence Ignorance in Entity Framework 4.0

The intent of this post is to address below questions
a. clarify what exactly is "Persistence Ignorance"
b. what is problem with default Entity Framework infrastructure
c. How we addressed it

Entity Framework 4.0 - POCO

In earlier Post we have seen how to create a entity data model file and how to use Entity Framework infrastructure in our class library.
Lets have a close look at both File structure and Properties Window.

If you observe the highlighted items, the "Code Generated Strategy" property is set to Default. This means the entity generation from .edmx file will be taken care by framework itself. Thus resulting in .Designer.cs file which was highlighted in right.

Entity Framework 4.0 - Introduction

Entity Framework in next level of database programing which is much more flexible and adoptable than earlier methods like Regular ADO.Net and LINQ to SQL.
Comparisons between different models will be seen in another post, but lets not dig much into theory.
Rather we can concentrate on programing part, and thus you can discover what we have in EF 4.0.
We will go step by step how we can use EF 4.0 for rapid development and yet deliver a flexible and a reliable product.