PowerShell - Wait for Retract / Uninstall before Remove

This is a very small tip for SharePoint developers. Basically people hate PowerShell before knowing it. But you will love it once you start using it. Sooooo Comfortable.

So, as a part of PowerShell commands, we have UnInstall-SPSolution command for retracting a SharePoint solution and Remove-SPSolution command to remove the solution from any scope.

When you execute these commands in a sequence in a script (.ps1) file, Usually we end up with an error saying
 Remove-SPSolution : The solution "XXXX.wsp" has been deployed in the farm. Please retract the deployment before removing the solution.You can also use the
-override parameter to forcibly remove the solution, but you will not be able to retract the solution deployment.


JSLink - Custom JS Rendering in Sharepoint 2013

JSLink is the new feature introduced in SharePoint 2013, loading off the burden of XSLT webparts from developer's mind.
Lets me show you an example. I have two lists "Movies" and "Books".

But I want to display them on a page like  . . .
All this can be done just by using Java script and without creating a single webpart.
Lets see how to accomplish this task.