Step-By-Step installing Sharepoint 2013 Using AutoSPInstallerGUI

In earlier post we dealt with Issues while Installing and Issue in hosting App model in SharePoint 2013.

We can avoid most of these issues by using AutoSPInstaller.

Its a batch file which triggers a series of powershell commands, which reads configuration data from an xml file and installs SharePoint 2013 and all other supporting components.

Even though AutoSPInstaller made installation easy, but still we have a pain point. Configuration.

Now we have a AutoSPInstallerGUI, as simple web application specially designed for SP 2010 and 2013 installations. This will make our lives easy dealing with configuration part.

All you need to do is download #1. AutoSPInstaller and #2. AutoSPInstallerGUI from respective links.

AutoSPInstaller has all the required batch files, configuration files, Powershell script files, and pre-requisite installer files.

AutoSPInstallerGUI has a simple windows application, using which we modify the installer file in AUtoSPInstaller.

If this is so simple, why I am writing this post!


Using Certificate Authentication for Cross Domain Communication

I have addressed couple of posts on logic behind certificates , how to use them with WCF in both transport and message security contexts.

In this post i try to present the basic idea and implementation of using certificates for communication between different parties in realtime scenario. Dont worry about the screenshots of config files, you can download the sample and get all the settings you required for copy.

There are many scenarios which demand certificates authentication mechanism. Common examples are
#1. Banking web application which do their transactions using FBA and Certificate authentication
#2. Server to Server calls.
#3. Service to Service calls
#4. Application to service calls.
and so on covering most of the high security requirments.

But everything boils down to "A cross domain communication or we can say Domain independent communication".