Microservices Introduction - Monolith Vs Microservices

This post is a beginning of a long series which will cover Microservices, Devops, Containers, Dockers and many other futuristic concepts.

All these concepts are vast and range from simple to complex implementations. So let’s take it slow.
We should learn about Monolith application before learning about Microservices.

Monolith Application

This is the regular way of application development we followed earlier. Typical 3 tier application with Presentation Layer, Business Layer, Data Access Layer. Below image explains what we call a Monolith application.


Microsoft Flow Basic Sharepoint Interactions

Objective: In this post we will look at basics of Microsoft Flow performing Sharepoint list operations.

We always drive our discussion based on a use-case. Below are the two scenarios we will consider for this post. 

1. Action based on a item creation or update
2. Action on list of items filtered from a list based on a condition. 

As i mentioned earlier, this is for Flow newbies with basic  Sharepoint interactions.


Adaptive Cards in Bot Framework

If you are new to Bot development, you better check Basics from my earlier post.

As mentioned in earlier post we will learn various components that can be used for better interactions with users. As part of it we will look at Adaptive Cards, shown below.
And also how to handle the events generated from actions in adaptive cards.

From above mentioned Basics article, you should be able to create a bot and can test it in emulator.

Now i will show you a basic adaptive card.


Basics of Bot Development

What is a Bot?
To begin with , If i think i can give better conventional explanation than Microsoft about "What is a BOT?", I will be an idiot.  Check here for that conventional stuff.
But, i have funny way to begin this series.

Got it ?
Jokes aside, The way we have a automated robot to do regular checks and clean the dust, the same way an app which performs some moderate to intelligent tasks without human intervention is a BOT. This can free man hours for better job, "Imagining and Thinking".


Sharepoint Online Authentication for API Access using POSTMAN

Objective: We know most of the collaboration part of sharepoint has been pushed to Teams, with its planner, conversations, a dedicated site for document uploads and many other features.
So the sharepoint site is now used mostly for document management. Being said that how we can accomodate SPO API for other applications.

In this post we will use SP Online OOTB API to upload and download a file. We dont need to write a seperate application for this, instead we will use POSTMAN to interpret the calls.

When API is avilable OOTB why do we need this post?
Well Service API is available OOTB, but there is specific way we need to authenticate to use that API. That is what we are going to show here.

Let me give a highlevel overview of how authentication works in Office365 Sharepoint site in this case.