Access WCF Service Without Service Reference

                                          Change is Inevitable
This absolutely applies to Client Requirements, but not to our code . In other words, the above statement is one of the 3 design principles of Software architecture.
                                System should be Fault Tolerant.
This means, our system should be adoptable for changes and shouldn't break for every reasonable change.
Reason for bringing up this point is a recent situation i undergo.


Uploading Documents Programatically to a Content Organizer Enabled Site

We have covered Content Organizer / Metadata Routing in SP2010 in earlier post.
We have created all the required infrastructure for meta data routing or Content organizing. So only task remining is uploading the documents.
Well ! we cannot ask the users to navigate to Drop Off library and upload their documents. Right?
So i have created a simple Webpart for uploading the documents for the specific content type.
 Now we need to upload the selected files programatically to Drop Off Library.


Content Organizer / Metadata Routing in SP2010

Clients doesn't bother about content types and sub-sites. All they want is a User-Interface, where they simple upload / download their documents, do some simple tasks.

As a part of Sharepoint application setup or usage, end users will be uploading loads of documents on to the site. So, its our job to make them organized and and easily fectchable.

Content Organizing / Metadata Routing is one of the key Features of Sharepoint 2010, which made developer's and contributer's life easy in this Aspect.

Let me demonstrate the how to configure the Content Organizer for your ease of document management.

Managed Metadata in SP2010 - Simplified

                 Metadata is data about data. 
Well Now you have to tell me wether answer is correct or not?

If you understand above definition, the answer is "Correct".
The concept of metadata exists from ages, and we have been using it in .net assemblies and many other stuff.

Lets take an example of exam report. It will have all the subjects listed and maximum marks, achieved marks, result and grade.  To summarize everything, we call it "Report Card".

When you say "Report Card" , it signifies everything mentioned above. So "Report Card" is metadata using which we can classify all the Marks and grades information.
Now lets see what metadata has to do with Sharepoint 2010.