Introduction to PhoneGap

What is PhoneGap?
With increasing demand of Application access on Portable devices like Mobiles and Tablets, the Application development has been divided into two streams.

Web Applications and Apps 

Well, there are pros and cons of both the approaches.

Web Applications:

Pro: One codebase for any device. Platform Independent.
Con: Web applications will not have any control on Mobile infrastructure like Camera, Storage, Geo-Location, Contacts etc.


Pro: Full Access to Mobile Infrastructure like Camera, Storage, Geo-Location, Contacts, Connections etc.
Cons: Separate SDK for each device. So, multiple code base. So, require multiple technology expertise. 

PHONEGAP is the technology which combines best of both the worlds.
Means, it will take the codebase (Html5, Css3, Javascript Libraries) and will create a Build based on target operating system. Thus converting the Web based code into Native App.


Build your app using Html 5, Css3 and Javascript libraries. Host it in Cloud and hire PhoneGap services. Thats it, they will take care of creating PhoneGap builds based on the requesting device OS.


You don't need separate  technology experts. One Code base and One expertise to target any Native Apps for any platform / OS. 

Lets do a Demo on using PhoneGap for android using regular web application, in next post

"Demo of PhoneGap on an Android".


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    1. Thanks Hiren. Its a futrestic technology. Very interesting.

  2. One correction: Geo-Location is supported by Html5 / Javascript. So it's not a con or pro in favor of one of both approaches. Here's a demo of the Geo-Location Api in Html: http://html5demos.com/geo

    1. I accept your point that HTML5 is capable of finding your location using Google API. But if you try to run on your mobile the same HTML5, it cannot do the same as it cannot access the API with out set of permissions that can be only available to Native Apps. That is where we need to transform the HTML 5 / Javascript / Css into Native App to have access to phone GPS or Connection to determine your position.

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