Load Test Using Visual Studio 2010

I have been writing code from last 7 years and i hope many of us went through below situation.
We always test our code thouroughly, and will send it for testing expecting zero bugs.
When a tester raised an issue with anything, first thing that comes to our mind is . .
After all the struggle we will make it to Production, and smoke test went awesome.
When the users start using the application . . .  "BOOM"


Webparts in Sharepoint 2010

In this post we will see a few commonly used webaprts in Sahrepoint 2010.

1. Content Editor Webpart: This webpart will be used for authoring rich content.This will be available in Media and Content section.


Business Connectivity Services - Architecture

Before comparing BDC vs BSC, one should know that BDC is still a part of SP 2010. It is integral part of Business Connectivity Services (BCS).

One should understand BSC Architecture, before practically implementing it. So, as usually MSDN has everything, and let me bring it on to a post.

Implementing Sandbox Proxy in Sharepoint 2010

In earlier post we have seen the Basics and Architecture of Sandbox & Sandbox Proxy.
In this post we will see how to implement one.

A sandbox is a restricted execution environment that enables programs to access only certain resources, and that keeps problems that occur in the sandbox from affecting the rest of the server environment.

Realtime applications will be hosted and executed in Sandbox environment, but its not realistic to complete a project with in scope of a Sandbox execution. There will be many situations where you need to create a file, accessing file system, execute something with Farm Admin credentials.