Azure Web Sites, Cloud Services and Virtual Machines comparison

This post is completely consumed from Microsoft Azure site . . . But i found this information really useful and would like to archive on my blog as well.

Azure offers several ways to host your web applications, such as Azure Web SitesCloud Services, and Virtual Machines. After looking at these various options, you might be unsure which one best fits your needs, or you might be unclear about concepts such as IaaS vs PaaS. This article helps you understand your options and helps you make the right choice for your web scenario. Although all three options allow you to run highly scalable web applications in Azure, there are differences which can help guide your decision.
In many situations, Azure Web Sites is the best option. It provides simple and flexible options for deployment and management, and it is capable of hosting high-volume web sites. You can quickly create a new web site with popular software, such as WordPress, from the Web Application Gallery, or you can move an existing web site to Azure Web Sites. Using the Azure WebJobs SDK (currently in preview) you can also add background job processing.
You also have the option to host web applications on Azure Cloud Services or Azure Virtual Machines. These options are good choices when your web tier requires the additional level of control and customization that they provide; however, this increased control comes at a cost of increased complexity in application creation, management, and deployment. The following diagram illustrates the trade-offs among the three options.


Windows Phone Emulator Issues

One of the coolest thing about emulators is "No need to own devices to test".
Thats what i thought before i tried new "Windows 8.1 Phone Emulator" in Visual studio 2013.

But with no of issues i encounter in executing an emulator, i decided better share a post with all different error and one single resolution for most of the issues.

Root Cause: Windows Phone emulator requires Hyper-V components to be up and running on your Windows 8.1 machine / Virtual machine. Find all the requirements from here.


Introduction to Azure

Let me begin this article by asking "Do you know how painful it is to maintain infrastructure?" and "How much it costs to meet customers demands at peak hour?".

Humongous amount of money will be spent by companies to keep up with these peak scenarios.
But what happens at night, hardly there will be any traffic, but companies already invested in huge infrastructure.
They have to maintain them irrespective of the demand. This is one big problem with on-premises model.

Now lets look at Cloud, this image speaks a thousand words and saves thousands of bucks.
Yes, its true. Pay what you use, and there is a high level of flexibility on the resources you use based on the traffic and demand. Extensiblity is no more a hassle and its just a button click away.