MVC Razor - In Progress Icon

"In Progress Icon" is the best way of intimating a client about server side action, so that he can wait until it is completed.
In this post we will see how to display one in a MVC Razor application.


JQuery Switch - Horizontal Animation / Accordion

JQuery: Horizontal Accordion

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Nice ! haa... No Plugins used. Simple Sprite Image used with JQuery. Download the code from below link.


NuGet Package: Facebook helper in MVC Razor

The era of global connectivity has begun. Social networking being the first step in this process, most of the latest technologies are coming up with different kinds of support for social network sites.
One of the famous of such social networks is Facebook.
Recognized this button. Yes, in this post we will see how to implement this kind of functionality in your MVC Razor application with a single line of code.