Feature Stapling in Sharepoint

Feature Stapling is a concept using which a specific feature will be stappled to site template.

What we gona acheive with it?

There will be scenario where certain resource has to be populated to every site collection that was / will be created on a farm.

Eg : I am dealing a client who is a owning a chemical lab. He want complete list of "Elements and their Atomic weights" to be present in every site that was already created, and any site that will be created in future.

In this scenario, Feature stappling will be used.
Lets see how to demonstrate it.


Demo of PhoneGap on an Android

In earlier post we have seen "Basics of PhoneGap". In this post we will see how to transform simple web application (Html 5, Css3, Javascript) into a native android App using PhoneGap.

First i have a simple web application to show the current location based on your devices Geological position. It was written in simple Html 5, Css 3, and Javascript.

Introduction to PhoneGap

What is PhoneGap?
With increasing demand of Application access on Portable devices like Mobiles and Tablets, the Application development has been divided into two streams.

Web Applications and Apps 

Well, there are pros and cons of both the approaches.