Basics of Sharepoint Search

In this post we discuss about basics of sharepoint search.
Below are the concepts which we cover in this post.
  • Components of Search
  • Enabling / Understanding Search Service Application
  • Sharepoint Content Source
  • Crawl Rules
  • Crawl Logs
  • Setting-up Enterprise Search
  • Crawl Properties / Search Schema
  • Search Managed Properties / Search Schema


Mtom Encoding in WCF

In this post we will cover
  • What is MTOM Encoding
  • MTOM Vs Text Encoding
  • Reasons to choose MTOM
  • Demo

MTOM (Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism) – WCF supports 3 encodings (in context of WCF, encoding means converting a WCF message (serialized XML InfoSet) into bytes) – Text, MTOM & Binary. All Http Bindings (Basic, WS, Dual, etc.) support Text / MTOM encoding, Text being the default one.

Problem with Text Encoding is it uses base 64 encoding format which can inflate the message size by 30%. This can be a heavy penalty while carrying large binary attachments.
On the otherhand, MTOM avoids base 64 encoding for binary attachments keeping the overall size of message in control. Moreover, MTOM is based on open specifications & hence is largely interoperable.

Enough of theory... Let's do a demo to concretize the concept.

For this, i have created a simple WCF service. Below image will describe what we intend to do.


Integrate Yammer into Sharepoint 2013

In this post we see how to integrate Yammer features into SharePoint Server 2013. You can achieve this by installing the Yammer app for SharePoint and embedding your Yammer feeds.

 Step 1: Get the app from the Store

Important: Use an account that is a member of the farm administrators group to perform this step. Do not use the farm administrator account that was used to install and configure SharePoint Server 2013. The farm administrator account cannot import app licenses because that could result in performance problems. For more information, see http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/fp161231.aspx. You can add additional farm administrators to the farm administrators group in Central Administration. When in the online store, you will need a Microsoft account to add the app successfully.