Sharepoint Admin's Best Practices [MSDN]

Best Practices for SP Administration:
1.       Don’t create too many Web applications. Its specified that 4 web applications are enough on a server.
a.       Intranet / Portal
b.      My sites
c.       Team sites
d.      Partner Access
2.       Don’t mess up with IIS settings of Central admin. SP likes to save the changes to Config DB, and Central admin works well as far as IIS Settings and Config settings match.
The only change which has to be done at IIS for Central Admin is SSL Settings.

@Html.Partial() Vs @Html.Action() - MVC Razor

In earlier post we have seen how to render different partial views (each using different model).
By which we displayed both Personal and Professional details of an employee as below:
Now lets look at other aspect.
Objective: I wanna display Professional details of an employee for both 2010 and 2011.
This means Using the same View and Same model but i need different data.
Lets see how this gonna be achieved.

Partial Views with Different Models - MVC Razor

In this post we will see:
1. How to use Different Partial views on a Master View.
2. How to attach models to different Partial Views.

Objective: I wanna create an MVC Razor application which will display both Personnel and Professional Details.


Cookie Capturing using HttpWebRequest

In this post we will see about how cookies can be captured using HttpWebRequest class.
When ever i say some thing about Cookie, first question people ask me is...
What if Cookies are disabled by Client or User ?
Ok! Let me ask you the same. Be genuine and don't search in Google now.
Tell me steps for how to disable the cookies in IE or Firefox?
I bet half of us don't remember how to disable them.
Being Technical persons, if we can't do that, how a client / user will do that.

If you still  stick to the same, let me tell you not only mine, even your web application won't work in his machine. That is for sure.