Using Delegate Control in Sharepoint

Before jumping to actual development, lets know which scenarios demand the usage of Delegate Controls in sharepoint.

I have designed header image for my blog, and i want to have it on top of my sharepoint site.

So how to add it to all the pages in my sharepoint site.

Deploying Custom Master Page Using a sharepoint Feature

In this module, we will see how to deploy a Custom master page to a sharepoint site, using a sharepoint feature.

Step 1: Create a sharepoint project. Add a Module to it. I named it as "MasterModule". By default the module will be created with 2 files,  Elemnts.xml and Sample.txt.

Step 2: You can add / create a Custom Masterpage file as per your requirment. For my purpose, i am trying to reuse the existing V4.Master.

If you are trying to export the master page from Sharepoint Designer, you may end up with error

http://server/_catalogs/masterpage/v4_Modified.master(26): error CS0030: Cannot convert type 'Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls.ScriptLink' to 'System.Web.UI.IAttributeAccessor'


Granting Anonymous Access to Sharepoint List / Library Programtically

In this post we will see how to enable and disable Anonymous access to a List or Document library from a sharepoint feature (C# code).

There are 3 different steps involved in granting Anonymous access to a List/Library in a right way.

Step 1: Enabling the anonymous accesss to the Web application from Central Admin. This does not mean that the whole web application is now anonymous. This step signifies that, this web application has ability to host resources that can be accessed by Anonymous user.

Multi Tab App with Async Task

Objective: To create an android app, with multiple tabs catering different types of questions, in which data will be saved to SQL-Lite using Asynchronous approach (Async Tasks concept.)

This post will be covering only a part of the actual objective.
I created a Multi Tab application and each tab pointing to  a different fragment.
Now in every tab click the data has to be saved without blocking the user actions.
For this i have chosen Async Task concept.
As of now i just put up a simple dialog display demonstrating the Async actions while user navigates between the tabs.
In up coming post, i will finish the code for even saving the data to SQL-Lite database, thus completing the actual intent.


Shared Preferences and Yes/No Alert Dialog in Android

In this post, my intent is to use the internal memory of an android and save / retrieve the data from different views.

We have several options to save data on a Android device, like Compact SQL, Files and Shared Preferences.

So, i have a One Page Application, which will accepts name and save it to the internal memory and then retrieves the data to display i on second screen.