MVC 3.0 Scaffolding Basics

MvcScaffolding : The term “Scaffolding” is used by many software technologies to mean “quickly generating a basic outline of your software that you can then edit and customize”. It saves you from the trauma of looking at a blank page and having no idea where to start!
    The new Scaffolding system makes it easier to pick up and start using productively if you’re entirely new to the framework, and to automate common development tasks if you’re experienced and already know what you’re doing.
    This is supported by new NuGet scaffolding package called MvcScaffolding. If you installed MVC 3 , you can find "NuGet" as one of your programs in Control panel. 

If your work involves repeatedly creating similar classes or files of some sort, because you can create custom scaffolders that output test fixtures, deployment scripts, or whatever else you need. Everyone on your team can use your custom scaffolders, too.
    We will see how to automate the desired code snippets using Scaffold in next posts. 

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