My First Android App

I have always worked on .Net technologies like Windows applications using C#, Web applications using Asp.Net then moved to creating light weight Web applications using MVC Razor.  Apart from that stream, i have been working on Sharepoint 2007, Sharepoint 2010 and now Sharepoint 2013.

One of my client raised a concern of his application access via Mobiles and Tablets. I have looked at several options like . .
  1. As Sharepoint 2010 didn't support Html 5, I need to be very care full while designing the screen. I need to use Ultra responsive design to make it work on Portable devices.
  2. Even though Sharepoint 2013 supports Html 5 and Mobile devices, the development and infrastructure is different from regular Solution approach we follow. Look Here . . .
  3. Sharepoint 2013 has Apps model, which wont be a suitable solution here, as the apps will be used for reusability and reliability, not for portable device usage.
  4. Next option is to create a MVC4 mobile application which will take care of almost all aspects of mobile devices and desktops well. 

All the above approaches are trying to mould our application to portable devices over internet.

Now, lets talk about real Mobile Apps. I mean an App (Android or Mac or Windows) which can be created and uploaded to a Market place. Users can be downloading the App on to their mobiles / tablets and ready to use it . . . now that is called mobile app.

So this time i have picked Android. Started learning "Android Development" using "Eclipse".
Android is a open source technology and there is a lot of material available on internet.
I have been following this site and created my first Android App and deployed to my mobile.

We will see more and more posts on Android development as well on this Blog . . .
Its not about technology , but important thing is that you LEARN . . . 

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  1. Single page application would be good try